VIDEO REVIEW: The Exorcist

We know, we know, this review took nearly a month to post. But we think you'll be pleased, after all we're reviewing "the scariest movie ever", The Exorcist! Even when it was finished we were still having trouble. We must have tried 6 or 8 times to upload part 2 but it kept "failing". It's as if the DEVIL was trying to stop us... spooky-spooky!

"Nobody expected it, nobody believed it, and nobody could stop it."


★ ★ ★ ★ ½


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Gex said...

No one commented on this? Shit.

Anyway, you guys should check out The Exorcist III. Ooooh, a shitty sequel? No! Unlike The Exorcist II, III is actually good. On top of that, it's scarier than the first one. Trust me on this, you'll find 1-3 scenes creepy, one of them maybe even making you jump out of your seat. And the story is fairly good, though you really have to pay attention to it.